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Alabama State Commissioner - Natalie Norman

Natalie Norman, based in Montgomery Alabama, is the Alabama State Commissioner for USA Softball. Having served in the Parks and Recreation field for more than 23 years, Norman has been heavily involved in the planning, coordination and promotion of USA championship softball, while also helping to foster and nurture grass-roots programs. Norman has helped facilitate almost 30 USA National Championships, numerous USA leagues, and tournaments on multiple levels. Natalie was inducted into the Alabama USA Hall of Fame in 2012. She is retired from the City of Montgomery Parks and Recreation Department and is currently employed by the Alabama Recreation and Parks Association and Foundation. She can be reached at the following contacts: cell 334-538-3712, mailing address is PO Box 231508, Montgomery, AL 36123, shipping address is 2855 Lagoon Park Drive, Montgomery, AL 36109.

President of USA Softball of Alabama - Steve Nelson

Steve Nelson is President of Alabama USA softball. He lives in Springville Alabama. He has served in this position for ten years. Mr. Nelson has been a member of USA Softball since 1979. He began his career as an umpire and has umpired in 32 USA National Championships as well as the Armed Forces and Border Battle championships. He is a member of the National Indicator Fraternity and was selected as a Slow Pitch Elite Umpire in 2002. Steve was selected as Regional Umpire in Chief in 2012 and was appointed Deputy Supervisor of Umpires in December of 2015. In addition to these duties, he has served Alabama USA softball as a District UIC and AUSA Recording Secretary. Steve was inducted into the Alabama USA Softball Hall of Fame in 2017. Mr. Nelson is a retired school administrator.

Director of Umpire Registration - Ken Allen

Ken Allen is the state UIC for Alabama. He has been involved with USA Softball since 1992 as an umpire. He has participated in several championship tournaments and is an instructor for high school umpires in Alabama. Cellular number 334-799-0268. Mailing address 2204 Lizmar Lane Montgomery, AL 36106.

Deputy State Commissioner and USA Player Representative - Robby Carter

Robby Carter is the Deputy State Commissioner for Alabama USA Softball. He lives in Auburn, Alabama. He began his career in Troy, Alabama as the manager of the Troy Sportsplex until 1996 when he moved to Auburn to manage the Auburn Softball Complex where he is currently employed. He became the USA player representative in 1998. He has hosted numerous District, State, and National tournaments as well as Regional and National qualifiers. He has been an USA representative for 8 National tournaments. The Auburn complex, which he manages, has been awarded USA Complex of the year nine times and was inducted into the Alabama Hall of Fame in 2007. Mr. Carter was inducted into the Alabama USA Hall of Fame in 2012. He can be contacted via email or at 334-501-2976.

Deputy State UIC - Jeff Madaris

Jeff Madaris is a Deputy UIC for Alabama USA softball. He has been a member of USA softball since 1994.

He has served as an Umpire in Chief  since 2005. Mr. Madaris has umpired 8 USA Nationals as well as umpiring 9 Division 1 NCAA Conference tournaments and 3 Division 2 NCAA regionals and 2 Super Regionals. He currently serves as the Supervisor of Softball Officials for the Alabama Community College Conference.

Deputy State UIC - Sam Kelley

Sam Kelley is a Deputy State Umpire-In-Chief (UIC) for Fast Pitch/Slow Pitch (FP/SP) for Alabama USA softball.  He was inducted into the Alabama USA Softball Hall of Fame – Class of 2009.  Mr. Kelley is currently an active USA Elite Umpire who began his USA umpire career in 1981.  He has participated as a player both in slow and fast pitch softball from 1968-1994.  Mr. Kelley is a member of the USA National Indicator Fraternity and has been awarded all four certificate levels (Blue/Bronze/Silver/Gold) of the USA Medals Program.  He has umpired at the high school and collegiate levels since 1986 and has umpired in over 50 USA National Tournaments.  He has served as a USA National Tournament Umpire-In-Chief (UIC)/Coordinator/Umpire in many national tournaments at the various youth, women, and men class levels – Girls 10-U thru 18-U Gold, Women/Men Major slow/fast pitch, and A thru E Classes for USA softball.  He is a retired 26 year USAF Veteran.  He has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Troy University.

Mailing address 540 South Morris Avenue Montgomery, AL 36115-2600 Phone: (334) 270-3424 Fax: (334) 270-3454

Richie Branum is a Deputy State UIC, involved primarily with the adult slow pitch program for Alabama. He has been an umpire and member of Alabama USA softball for the past 13 years. He has umpired at all levels including several national championship games. He is a member of the National Indicator Fraternity, and has reached a Gold status in the medals program. He has also reached Elite status as a slow pitch umpire. Mr. Branum has held many leadership positions for Alabama USA softball for several years.

Junior Olympic State Commissioner

Tracy Morgan has been involved in softball and USA softball almost her entire life as a player, umpire and tournament director. She currently serves as Deputy JO commissioner to the state JO Commissioner. She played at the JO level and adult level as well as playing in high school and college. After her playing career, she became an umpire in both USA and for Alabama High School in both slow and fast pitch softball. She can be reached by email or phone 256-490-8924

Commissioner Emeritus - Parks Burgin

Parks Burgin is a Commissioner Emeritus for Alabama USA softball. He began his career as a player in 1963 and continued to play until 1995. He has been involved in 11 state championships and played in 8 regional and 5 national championships. He was inducted into the West Alabama Softball Hall of Fame in 1990 and became a member of the National Indicator Fraternity in the same year. He became a member of the Alabama USA Staff in 1995 as J.O. Commissioner and served in that capacity until 2006. He was inducted into the Alabama USA Softball Hall of Fame in 1997. He served as a regional J.O. Commissioner from 1997 until 2010. He has been an USA Representative for 23 national championships and in 2005 he was inducted into the Blue-Gray Softball Hall of Fame.



Umpire Emeritus - Bill Coker

Bill Coker is a Deputy UIC Emeritus for Alabama USA. He has been a member of USA since 1974. He has umpired in 17 national tournaments and served as UIC for 3 national tournaments for USA. He has been Assistant UIC for 5 national tournaments and well as serving as an instructor for 3 national umpire schools and several regional umpire schools. He began his career with Alabama High School in 1972. He served as South East District Director from the onset until 2013 for Alabama High School softball. He has umpired 5 state tournaments and has served as Assistant UIC in 4 state tournaments. Mr. Coker has also officiated several other sports in the state of Alabama over the course of many years. 

Umpire Emeritus - Bill Gauldin

Bill Gaulden is a Deputy UIC Emeritus for Alabama USA. After a career of playing USA Men's fast pitch as a catcher and being a manager of a team, Bill transitioned to the role of umpire. He has worked many national tournaments, both slow pitch and fast pitch. He worked two men's major fast pitch tournaments in 1992 and 1996 along with the Olympic Sports Festival Tournament at Rice University. By working these major tournaments, he earned Elite status as a fast pitch umpire. After retiring as an USA umpire in 2002, he became an Umpire-In-Chief for Alabama USA serving in that role at many national USA tournaments.

Umpire Emeritus - Marshall Aday

Marshall Aday is a Deputy UIC Emeritus for Alabama USA. He has been a member of USA Softball organization for 45 years. He has umpired in 18 national tournaments. He is an Elite Slow Pitch Umpire and a member of the Alabama USA Hall of Fame. He served Alabama High School as a district director fifteen years. He is presently serving as an observer for Alabama High School fast pitch softball. He was also the former UIC for Alabama High School District One.

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